1.Generic USB Virtual COM Driver v6.40.24 for Windows 7
The new USB Virtual COM Driver supports Windows 7 32bits & 64bits.


Please notice, before new driver installation, the old 308 USB virtual COM driver must be uninstalled (the version before V5.3).
The "CP210x USB composite device" will be displayed in device manager after new driver is installed.
The new USB Virtual COM Driver supports 8000 Series terminals, 1000 Scanner, 1090+ Scanner, 1100 Scanner, 1105 Scanner, 1x66 BT Scanner, 1200 Scanner, 1500 Scanner, 1560 BT Scanner, 1562 BT Scanner, 1660 BT Scanner.
2.Generic USB Virtual COM Driver v5.40.24 for Windows 2000 & XP & Vista